How to Safely Operate a Beam

Is Beam secure? Can anyone listen in on me or record me?

Currently, there is no known way for attackers to eavesdrop on conversations. All Beam call traffic is encrypted using AES and authenticated using HMAC-SHA1. All configuration data is secured using TLS.

Check out our Beam Network Administrator Guide for more information.

Note: Suitable Technologies cannot control or limit the use of other recording programs or devices while Beam is in use.

Can people at Suitable Technologies see what I’m doing?

Calls made using Beam are encrypted and cannot be seen or heard by anyone, including people at Suitable Technologies. Encryption and decryption only happens at the call end points, the Beam device itself and the Beam Application on the pilot system. Other information, such as usage statistics and diagnostic data is available to a subset of Suitable Technologies’ support and engineering staff.

Am I going to hurt people, things in the room, or the Beam itself?

Beam is meant to be operated around other people. You should always be cautious when piloting a Beam but the Beam itself was designed to minimize these risks. There is an optional add-on for BeamPro called Assisted Driving. This add-on utilizes a LIDAR sensor which adjusts speed according to surroundings, specifically for collision prevention.

Feel free to watch the Beam Safety and Operation video above for more information.

To assist in keeping Beams safe and fun we encourage you to keep these simple safety tips in mind:

  • Always drive slowly around others.

  • Never drive while distracted, or with any of your camera views blocked.

  • Never drive with the local audio muted or your speaker volume down.

  • Avoid driving near any areas where the Beam could lose its balance (like stairs, steep ramps, or curbs).

  • Never operate the Beam if a local has their hands in or around the wheels or base.